Terms & Conditions

Servıce reservation/sale contract


It’s hereby cotract that is signed between Ölüdeniz Travel Comnpany(from now on it’ll be called Ölüdeniz Travel/Ghost Travel Travel Company) and client that is described in article 2.


It’s hereby contract that contains  services mentioned in brochures and certificate of receipt Voucher which is inseperable part of contract,tours,activiries,airport services.


It’s hereby client reads and gets information about cotract services’quality ,sale value and payment rate and discharge information brochure.All information about Credit Cards and shopping that you did are kept in Vakıfbank (V:POS) and Garanti Bank.Your credit card and personal infos never reach to third persons.It’s hereby that the client confirms to give required info complete and true which contains name-surname-mail address-phone number-country code and service’s contract side.It’s client’s responsibility to problems that occur due to wrong,incomplete and mislead our company.Don’t forget to take reservation electronic output and have it with you.


In case of cancelling the reservation of Ölüdeniz Travel due to the weather conditions,Ölüdeniz Travel refunds all the payment to the client in 14 days.You can cancel all the reservations that you did online until 48 hours before and refund.The refund can’t be done to the reservations less than 48 hours by our company.


The client approves that he will be informed about services,ads,notices,campaign and business of Ölüdeniz Inc.’s brands and supplier and establishment and sharing electronic messages/sms etc. according to number law 6563.

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Ghost Travel Agency/Transcript Number :7287