Oludeniz Aquapark


It was a great summer day. With my brother I was excitedly taking our rides home. The surprise of our father was making us very curious. I'm sure he will take it to a beautiful place this year, just like every year, and he will have a surprise for us. When I learned that my dad would take us to the aquapark, I turned mad from joy. I've seen the place we've been going to see before on television and the internet, but I have never seen the truth and never left. In the water world of the oludeniz we went there were people of all ages to meet. Throughout the day we joined several activities with my brother. This made us and my family very happy. My mother and father in the family did not lag behind us, but they enjoyed the water like a child and had fun. There were various animations in the water world of Oludeniz. My mum and dad had a good time in the water slide and the floating pool. We spent time in the children's pool with my brother. My little brother had some enjoyable and funny animation shows, some of the most laughing things. We had not neglected to photograph renowned pools parks and animation shows. Well, of course, my family. Ovacık'ta the most beautiful and fun to leave me a reminder of the Oludeniz Water World Aquapark again.