Horse Riding Turkey


Fethiye Horse Ridind Tour In the summers sea, sand, the beach does not give me the feeling that I'm making a full vacation. Because of this, he participates in Horse Riding Safari in Hisarönü every summer. The place of the animals is a prime to me. The anxiety of animals creates a deep reflection on me. When we came to the tour area, it seemed like they were happy to hear the sounds of the horses. I chose one horse myself and put it on the road. When I learned that the road lasted for about three hours, I felt it was an adventurous trip. We passed the Kayaköy road and saw the old Greek houses in that area. Indeed, the architecture was out of the ordinary. The view that Oludeniz was under our feet while we were passing through the peak of the village was taken from me. We continued on our way after giving a twenty minute tea break without going on to the rest of the road. The light-orange sun greeted us as we continued. As the path went down through the long pine trees, the turquoise waters of Oludeniz became clear. I took many pictures to immortalize the moment during the half-hour break in the meadow next to the patrician. It was a truly calm and beautiful adventure experience for me. When we reached the starting line, when we got down from the skies and said good-bye, everyone went on their way to their house. My memories are always kept in a separate place..