Fethiye Halal Concept Boat Tour - Ölüdeniz Halal Concept Boat Tour (Butterfly Valley Tour)

Fethiye Halal Concept  Boat Tour - Ölüdeniz Halal Concept  Boat Tour (Butterfly Valley Tour)

The Halal Concept Boat Tour takes place in two different regions: Ölüdeniz and Fethiye. In our boat, which has a certain capacity of people, there are ritual washing places and prayers to make your worship more comfortable during the prayer times. At Halal Concept Oludeniz Boat Tour (Butterfly Valley Tour) and Halal concept Fethiye Boat Tour female guests after the age of seven is forbidden to wear Bikinis.We do not accept our customers to the conservative boat tour except for our conservative guests. Alcoholic beverages are never included on the conservative boat tour. tour programs are prepared according to your wishes. The Halal boat tour will give you the opportunity to see the blue turquoise waters of Fethiye and Ölüdeniz. You will enjoy more comfortable sailing while enjoying the blue waters of the Mediterranean with the Conservative boat tour to places where other boats are not stopping.

Boat Tour Days :Every day  from 1 May To 31 October 
Lunch : chicken- fish -salad and appetizers, drinks are extra.

Fethiye Boat Tour – 12 Islands Boat Tour

Our boat departs around 10: 00 in the morning. The route of our boat departing from Fethiye Harbour is different from that of other boats. Since our sailing boat has a certain capacity, it is possible to make a more comfortable tour. we serve open buffet lunch and many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in our boat and  you will be enjoyed throughout the day on our boat. You will also have fun with animation shows in Fethiye boat tour, where our guests are local and foreign. For the most suitable Fethiye boat tour prices and quality service www.oludeniztravel.com you can visit our address. Have a nice holiday.