Fishing Tour Turkey


Together with my family we decided to go Fishing Tour on the boat as a weekend activity. I would have a good time with my family and I could have a closer connection with them. I rented a boat at Oludeniz because it was expensive and I was looking for tour companies and Oludeniz Travel thought that it would be both convenient and enjoyable for this trip. It was a lot of attention to my children that the boat waiting for us was a fish radar. As I was walking in the sea, the kids were watching the fish from the radar and I could spend time with my wife. We swung to the sea and gave us a small picnic breakfast. Thanks to the fish radar, he had already begun to play the chants in his spare time. Because we were a little novice, we missed our first fish while at sea. It made me happy to see their happiness as my family laughed. The big fish that was caught in the neck of my son was grinning from the sea and helping me was a request. My sister and my daughter cheered by saying fish from behind, and my son was excited by his excitement. The fish we grabbed was so big that there was as much as the size of my little girl. Now that we have our fish, we could go home. It was one of the nice minutes I spent with my family.Fishing Tour Turkey